Which is the Best Weighted Digital Keyboards for 2023 | Musical Instruments

Weighted Digital Keyboards are useful for anyone needing a traditional piano; adjustment is much more minimal, and easier to move between instruments. It is an effective practice that can help you develop appropriate finger strength and skill. When buying a Weighted Digital Keyboard, there are a few things to consider; quality, audio output, design, and features.

1. Yamaha Arius Series

The top Weighted Digital Keyboard is the Yamaha Arius Series. No list of pianos or keyboards would be complete without a Yamaha on it. This premium product boasts advanced features and a sleek design, ready to play right out of the box. It’s one of the most authentic digital pianos available, with a weighted Graded Hammer Standard action that mimics the feel of a true acoustic grand piano. This piano is paired with a top-notch sound system, ensuring an immersive experience. The three Piano Style Pedals offer realistic sustain, sostenuto, and soft pedal performance, all in a compact keyboard controller design.

Additionally, the Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite technology takes the sound to the next level, offering improved realism and smoothness compared to previous models by reproducing the complex string resonance of an acoustic piano. The Premium Grand Piano Voice recreates the power and tone of a flagship grand piano, delivering a concert-sized build and tone that captures the essence of a real acoustic instrument.

The soundboard speaker system, with its twin speaker configuration, powers the Grand Piano, delivering clear lows, natural mids, and relaxed highs for an expressive performance. Finally, this sleek and durable model comes complete with a matching rosewood bench, offering optimum comfort and convenience. When paired with a wood finish stand, bench, and pedal unit, it provides full functionality and is a worthy addition to the family of impressive products. Unleash your musical creativity on an instrument that’s at the center of everything you do.

Its Pros :

  • It offers stunning CFX Grand Piano sound with Full, rich, resonant, bright, and powerful all at the same time.
  • It has a superbly balanced keyboard with an advanced AiR sound engine and a triple pedalboard.
  • It’s practically sized with a compact build that will fit seamlessly into your home.
  • It has an elegant aesthetic and the sophisticated sound of an acoustic piano.

Its Cons :

  • Assembly can be a little tricky on your own as the centerpiece is quite heavy.

The Yamaha Arius Series delivers stunning sound and authentic touch. Its solid construction combined with an elegant design is sure to steal the show in any room.


The second product on this list is the ROLAND RP107. Get ready to experience the beauty of an acoustic grand piano in your own home with this compact and affordable digital piano. With its intelligent design and traditional styling, this unit is perfect for both beginners and experienced players alike. The sound engine and matching hammer action mimic the feel of a real grand piano, delivering an authentic playing experience in this price range. Bring your music to life with 256 notes of polyphony and a powerful onboard stereo speaker system. You can even elevate your performance by connecting wirelessly to your favorite music apps with Bluetooth technology or control your smart home speakers with voice commands from Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The full 88-note keyboard offers precise fingering and control over dynamics, while onboard effects and a stylish black finish add to the musical experience. And, with dual headphones, you can play late into the night without disturbing anyone.

The elegant design and trendy piano-style cabinet also makes this digital piano an attractive addition to any space. It’s compact, affordable, and packed with the acclaimed sound engine and keyboard action found in higher-end Roland pianos. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, this product is an excellent value for anyone looking for a digital piano with stunning acoustic-like sounds.

Its Pros :

  • Its 256-note polyphony manages every detail in your performance and style to bring your music to life.
  • It has fifteen sounds onboard, covering a range of different piano timbres.
  • Its triple-pedal assembly for the utmost control over your playing.

Its Cons :

  • Like the previous product, it takes a lot of work to move, especially upstairs, as it weighs over 80 pounds and is awkward to maneuver since very little of it can be disassembled.

The ROLAND RP107 is a class-leading instrument that offers everything you need to learn and play plus an attractive design that combines traditional styling with a compact footprint.

3. Casio Privia PX-870

The third product on this list is the Casio Privia PX-870. This digital piano is a pro-level instrument for home use, packed with features. It boasts 19 instrument tones, which can be layered and split as desired. With 256 notes of polyphony and an AiR engine that provides a highly accurate grand piano sound, this unit offers complete control and flexibility to musicians.

Additionally, the 40-watt output and 4-speaker system provide an immersive experience, whether playing in front of an audience or practicing at home. The volume sync equalizer helps keep the volume level consistent, while touch response allows for more expressive playing. Even better, the two rotary speakers provide an authentic acoustic piano sound, and the FM radio tuner and fader control make it easy to adjust the volume of three instruments at once. Other features include Bluetooth audio streaming, a metronome function, and new sound source sampling for authentic acoustic pianos and other tones. Lastly, this instrument also offers convenient USB connectivity, making it easy to connect to your computer. It combines a top-notch piano sound, a wide color palette, and authentic stage elements with its rich history in music. As expected from Casio, this product delivers both form and function in one superior instrument.

Its Pros :

  • It offers a new, improved piano tone with 19 beautiful sounds and 256-note polyphony.
  • It has Hammer Action Keyboard with Ivory and Ebony feel.
  • It comes with three pedals and a 40-watt sound projection system.

Its Cons :

  • It is not very portable as its quite bulky and weighs over 74 pounds

The Casio Privia PX-870 blends the feel of a grand piano with innovative digital sound technology. It is designed to meet the needs of a home that likes to bring music to life.

4. Korg B2 Series

Up next in fourth place is the Korg B2 Series. This compact digital piano provides an all-inclusive home playing experience. The built-in speakers make it ideal for beginners without the need for external equipment or additional space. It features USB and MIDI compatibility, 9 touch sensitivity levels, a digital recorder, 2-track song recording, and sustain pedal support. The dynamic range response and velocity sensitivity ensure every note you play feels authentic. The piano also offers a rich variety of sounds, including 12 piano tones, electric piano, strings, choir, and more. Its 88-key hammer action keyboard has synthetic ivory key surfaces and weights, replicating the feel of an acoustic piano. It includes helpful practice tools, such as a built-in metronome, a recording function, and a headphone jack for quiet practice. With a 25-watt speaker system, the B2SP delivers ample volume. Customization is effortless with the accompanying Electronic Data Systems editor software, enabling you to personalize your piano.

This device is ideal for learners, parents who want to inspire their child’s musical journey, or anyone seeking a compact and dependable piano at home. With its grand piano-like action and weighted accents, the playing experience is natural and immersive. Choose from 100 preset songs to play and practice with, or enjoy playing with friends and family. This comprehensive digital piano package has everything you need to get started.

Its Pros :

  • Its high-quality speaker system consists of two 3.9-inch speakers and 15 Watts amplifiers.
  • It has a fantastic software bundle that gives you amazing sounds and the ability to start working on music production.
  • It’s lightweight, so it can be comfortably moved around the house.

Its Cons :

  • All the sockets are in the back of the unit, making it extremely uncomfortable to connect and disconnect the headphones and other cables when the top is resting against a wall.

The Korg B2 Series is a stylish, powerful, and versatile instrument that is perfect for the home music enthusiast. A perfect home piano is everything you need to create the music of your dreams.

5. Donner DDP-80

The fifth product on this list is the Donner DDP-80. The perfect digital piano for beginner musicians of all ages, this unit boasts some impressive features. Equipped with two 25-watt speakers, each with a tweeter and a center-mounted woofer, plus an external amplifier, the sound produced is akin to that of a real piano, although we found it to not be as bright as an acoustic. The 88 full-size weighted keys are ideal for learning and professional play, offering a natural playing experience with authentic grand piano action. In addition to its high-quality sound, the piano comes with a wood stand, power adapter, triple pedal, and MIDI connection cable, allowing you to plug it directly into your audio interface or computer. The built-in speaker system provides powerful sound for home players, students, and more, with reverb and chorus effects, sustain pedal, balance and volume control, and touch control for each key. With over 16 preset songs and two factory recordings, this keyboard is easy to start playing music on.

Furthermore, this compact, high-quality piano is a joy to play, with its comfortable playing experience and advanced features. Compatible with both Mac and PC, it’s the perfect instrument to share with family and friends. Enjoy reliable performance with this exceptional digital piano.

Its Pros :

  • Its unique and bold design is suitable for people who like wooden cases.
  • It is light, compact, and sturdy, making it easy to move around.
  • It has a progressive hammer-action keyboard, so the low-end keys feel a little heavier than the top-end ones.

Its Cons :

  • The sound through the speakers is a little muddier and darker than an acoustic piano, mainly in the mids, so it’s better used with headphones.

The Donner DDP-80 provides the ideal balance of affordability and performance that allows aspiring players to be creative and enjoy their music without breaking the bank.

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