When should i replace my macbook?

How long does Mac last and when you should replace your Macbook really depends upon the kind of work users that you use with your Macbook and also some other factors but in

 this article let’s take a look at what is the average life span of a MacBook and when you should replace it with a new MacBook by looking at some important factors in this article. So let us get started.

How long does Macs last?

There is no fixed answer for how long macbooks last because it really depends upon your work uses and how you use your Macbook if you are heavy video editor on a graphic designer or someone who uses MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to the full extent extensively every day then obviously you can expect your MacBook do not last a long amount of time but if you are normal casual daily user who uses the device for web browsing

 and emailing then you can expect your machine to last longer than usual so it is simple maths the harder you make the machine work the sooner it gets to stop working.

But the best part for the macbook and Apple devices is that they are meant to last longer because of amazing hardware and great optimization of the software with the ecosystem and operating system.

But in most cases, most of the people should easily use their macbook for at least 5 years or more so if you don’t have the habit of switching to new MacBook 

when new one gets released then you should not try to switch your Macbook unless it has been more than 5 years of using it then you may observe some signs of replacing a MacBook.

But in general, Apple provides Mac OS latest version for all the Macbooks for up to 7 years so it is a good thing that your Mac will last for at least 5 years on average.

For example if you bought a new MacBook today in 2023 ending November period then your macbook should easily last for the next 5 years to come which is 2028, 

and since you are going to get at least 7 years of updates from Apple of the software so you can be relaxed for the next 7 years to come, but still there is some signs that you have to look at which indicate that you should replace your macbook soon.

5 things to look at when you should replace your macbook

  1. You cannot run the latest version of the Mac OS, in this case as all know every year apple releases new software update in the month of September and October and all the latest Mac devices and macbooks will get the update to the latest version so if your macbook or your device is too old then you do not get the version or maybe your machine is not capable to run the software so it is a sign that your device has become obsolete, for example, Macos Monterey was the latest version of Mac that was released back in 2021 and Apple clearly stated that there are set apple devices which will get the update which was starting from MacBook models from 2016 and later, and if you want a MacBook Air from 2015 and latest we will get the update and Imac models from the late 2015 and Imac Pro from 2017, so if you can’t run your MacBook on the latest version of the mac then it is a sign to replace 
  2. With growing technology, the amount of storage the apps and software take is also growing and this can lead to lower storage space so if you are constantly lacking free space in your Mac then you should try to look for a new Mac with more storage
  3. Another sign is that if your Mac hardware is not very powerful enough but you are doing a task that is going to take a lot of power for example if you do heavy video editing like 4K editing on a MacBook Air it is not recommended because you need more power for your usage in terms of more Ram and more CPU and GPU power 
  4. Another sign is that your MacBook is not giving great battery backup because the battery is a big part of a MacBook as it is going to give you a lot of time during the day but it is also important to note is that there is a certain life span of a battery of a MacBook and if you use your macbook extensively then the battery can drain and the lifespan can decrease a lot over the period of years, even though you can replace the battery of a MacBook even in the latest version but it is not recommended because it is better to upgrade to a new Mac
  5. Another sign is that your Mac has major hardware damage for example there is some serious physical damage and there is damage in the screen of the MacBook or maybe you have accidentally dropped it and caused some damage internally or maybe some de debris went into the Mac, dead pixels, stuck keys, bad speakers are all signs to replace the Mac or it is just that your Mac is frequently getting freezed and this always some software issue that you are experiencing with your mac and this is also a reason and sign that you have to replace your Mac to a new one because once you start having such issues with your mac it is more likely that you face issue in future even if you solve with with some temporary solution like reinstalling a Mac or resetting any problems with temporary solution.
  6. The last main sign that you have to look at is that it is sometimes better to switch to a new Mac because it is just a great deal is getting it in an amazing offer for example if you are using an Intel-based MacBook for a long time then it is highly recommended that you switch to all latest Mac which are designed by Apple chips, not Intel-based because you will see a significant boost in performance as well as battery life and also in the daily tasks, and if you are able to get your MacBook on an exchange to a new one for a lower price then it is no brainer offer, and if you can’t afford to buy the latest MacBook because you don’t have money then you can purchase a refurbished Mac on Amazon or in your local Store or you can buy one year older version of the Mac, for example, you can purchase MacBook Air one as compared to M2 in 2023 but also there is not a big difference in performance but it is significant to boost in performance from Intel-based chips

So these are some of the signs and reasons that you have to look for whenever you are thinking of or looking at switching to a new Mac

Do let me know what are your thoughts about using a MacBook and let me know how long your Mac is going to last 

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