We chosen Best Smart Glasses Wireless Connectivity [Buying guide]

In today’s article, we are going to look at the top five best Smart Glasses available on the market today. We have made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We have considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure read this article at the end.

Smart glasses allow the integration of smartphone and computer functionality, imaging, and wireless connectivity into eyewear. When buying smart glasses, there are a few things to consider; quality, durability, ease of use, and features. So read this article to find out which one is suited to your needs.

1. Bose Tempo

The top smart glasses are the Bose Tempo. These are high-performance sports sunglasses that deliver groundbreaking Bose Open Ear Audio in a comfortable, sweat- and weather-resistant design. Like most exercise-focused sunglasses, it has a sporty design that is lightweight, aerodynamic, and secure. To be clear, these are neither in-ear earphones nor headphones. Instead, you can consider them personal speakers that sit very close to your ear and output audio the same way a small speaker would—those nearby will be able to hear it, but not as loudly as you will. You’ll also appreciate that its lenses are interchangeable. The standard polarized, mirrored lenses are made of black tinted shatter- and scratch-resistant plastic. The frame is made of black TR-90 nylon, a flexible plastic material commonly used for glasses. The lenses can also be custom-made to fit your prescription, and you can also get them tinted for specific uses and with varying degrees of visible light transmission. The water-resistance rating on these glasses is a modest IPX4. They can withstand light rain and be wiped down with a damp cloth, but you should avoid using high water pressure from a faucet or submerging them.

Moreover, there’s also a touch-sensitive surface on the outside panel of the right temple that adjusts volume with a simple swipe, and a double tap on this panel summons your device’s voice assistant. The ability to hear both the audio and your surroundings is perhaps the most useful and impressive aspect of the audio performance. You can easily converse with another runner, and at most volumes, you should be able to hear any important environmental audio, such as sirens or approaching vehicles. Overall we feel that these smart glasses provide the best quality and all-around experience to bring you into the future.

Bose Tempo

Its Pros :

  • It offers crisp, detailed audio performance that allows you to hear what’s going on around you.
  • It has a secure, water-resistant construction that is great for exercising.
  • Its lenses are swappable and simple to set up.
  • It has two beam-forming mic arrays that provide excellent intelligibility.

Its Cons :

  • Its base probably won’t match regular earbuds.

The Bose Frames Tempos accomplish exactly what they set out to do: they are music-playing sunglasses that are comfortable while looking and sounding great. So, if the idea of smart sunglasses for running outside appeals to you, they are a brilliant choice.

2. Ray-Ban Stories

The second product on this list is the Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Ray-Bans have had an enduring pop culture and fashion legacy since the 1950s, from Tom Cruise’s classic Aviators in Top Gun to shading musical artists throughout the decades. They’re a style staple, but now, more than 80 years later, the glasses are getting a second life as smart companions with the new Ray-Ban Stories. These glasses feature a sleek exterior that belies a medley of inputs and indicators, with touch-based volume control and a handy capture button for taking photos and videos. Its dual-camera setup isn’t particularly flashy, but the footage quality is more than adequate for the job. You’ll also appreciate its surprisingly clear call quality, and the speakers placed by each ear provide an airy, open sound that makes listening to pop songs on hot summer days a joy. These glasses, presumably named after Instagram’s popular Stories feature, are highly impressive. They will undoubtedly help it find an audience with an essence of style and familiarity that a more in-house design would have struggled to replicate. The 1937-founded lifestyle brand’s collaboration goes beyond the frame, with lenses available in clear, sun, transition, and prescription options. There are about 20 different models in total, with different colors, including black, green, blue, and brown lenses. Walking around with the Ray-Ban Stories is similar to wearing sunglasses, but a little heavier, more like the 3D glasses given out at the movies than regular aviators, but they’re still fine for long sessions. So if you want a mixture of style and substance, these are the way to go.

Ray-Ban Stories

Its Pros :

  • It can take up to 500 photos with a resolution of up to 2592 by 1944p.
  • It comes with a wide choice of frames and color options.
  • It has discrete open-ear speakers with 3 built-in microphones that capture sound in all directions.

Its Cons :

  • It requires a Facebook account for you to enjoy its features

The Ray-Ban Stories have capable image and video capture capabilities, as well as built-in audio that will have you humming a happy tune as you walk around your neighborhood.

3. Amazon Echo Frames

The third product on this list is the Amazon Echo Frames. This next product is another excellent pair of smart glasses that bring Alexa to more than just your home. You can connect these glasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth to gain all-day access to your virtual assistant. Just say “Alexa,” and the built-in microphones will begin listening right away. Using these smart glasses, you can ask questions, listen to music and podcasts, and receive notifications from your phone directly in your ear. Like the other smart glasses on this list, these glasses use an open-ear audio design with tiny speakers embedded in the frames, which means you can hear what’s coming out of them, but no one else can. If you think having notifications in your ear is too much, don’t worry: these glasses have the option for “VIP filtering,” which only alerts you to notifications from a specific list of people, while the rest are stored on your phone. You can also turn off Alexa with a button if you don’t want the ambient microphone to be on all the time, as it can be a battery drain if left on all the time. If you wear the glasses for a full 14-hour day, Amazon claims you can get about two hours of playback and Alexa interaction or four hours of music playback. The main takeaway here is that these are intended to be an Alexa device rather than a pair of headphones, yet they still work well in both cases. Finally, you’ll appreciate that these glasses come in three different colors: all black, black with a blue edge, and tortoiseshell print, so you can choose whichever matches your style.

Amazon Echo Frames

Its Pros :

  • It supports Amazon Alexa to provide you a constant virtual assistant.
  • It has “open-ear” speakers that are surprisingly effective.
  • It has a stylish, light, and water-resistant build.

Its Cons :

  • Its battery doesn’t last very during audio playback.

The Amazon Echo Frames are strong and attractive smart glasses designed to help users save time so they can focus on what matters most.

4. Bose Soprano

Up next in fourth place is the Bose Soprano. These latest Bose Frames are here to give its users a whole new look at smart glasses. They are thoughtfully refined and strikingly elegant. These glasses are designed for the fashion-forward, with polarized lenses and high-quality craftsmanship. It also has miniaturized Bose speakers hidden in the temples, producing a sound you wouldn’t expect from sunglasses. It’s an incredible audio sunglasses experience that allows you to interact with the world around you while discreetly listening to music. These glasses are made of cutting-edge materials, such as smooth-as-silk nylon frames and a high-gloss Black finish. Even better, these cat eye Bluetooth sunglasses also have a more comfortable fit, making them suitable for various face shapes. What’s more, it has polarized lenses that are shatter and scratch-resistant and can block up to 99% of UVA/B rays. Many users also appreciate its simple touch controls. You can easily adjust the volume by swiping the right temple, double tapping to access Siri or Google Assistant, or simply flipping your music sunglasses upside down to turn them off. Like the previous product, these luxurious Bluetooth sunglasses can play for up to 5.5 hours and charge in one hour. It also has an advanced microphone system focusing on your voice while reducing wind and other background noise for crystal-clear calls. Aside from all of these incredible features, you can also add your prescription to your Bose sunglasses anytime, making them much more convenient for daily use.

Bose Soprano

Its Pros :

  • Its style embodies a little bit of retro glam with a hint of fierceness.
  • Its lenses are scratch- and shatter-resistant and block up to 99% of UV rays.
  • It has an advanced mic system that’s positioned to focus on your voice while reducing wind noise around you.

Its Cons :

  • It has no active noise cancellation, so sound bleed is audible.

Whether you enjoy being outside or simply enjoy the convenience of adding high-quality sound to a pair of everyday glasses, these Bose Sopranos are an excellent choice.

5. Razer Anzu

The fifth product on this list is the Razer Anzu. Groundhog Day vibes have certainly been strong in our lives over the last couple of years, which has driven sales of two essential items: headphones and blue light-filtering glasses. But what happens when you combine them? Simple. You get a pair of Razer Anzu smart glasses with open-ear audio and built-in microphones for all-in-one conference calling eye protection. It is available in two sizes and two styles: small, medium, or large, with rectangular or round frames. Razer chose a classic look for the Anzu, with either a rectangular design or a tea shade circular shape for the mods out there. In terms of visual appeal, they are head and shoulders above the competition. Instead of looking like a rejected character from The Matrix, these are glasses you’d be proud to wear in public. Razer also included IPX4 water resistance and the ability to switch to polarized lenses, so you can use them as sunglasses. It also has 0.62-inch drivers, which provide a high-clarity sound profile. These speakers perform best with spoken word material, such as daily conference calls or podcasts. When it comes to charging, it comes with a proprietary USB cable that connects to the two separate stalks and can fully charge the glasses in about an hour, so as long as you time your charges correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of battery. All in all, they’re a practical device that’s well suited to modern-day lifestyles.

Razer Anzu

Its Pros :

  • It features 35% blue-light blocking lenses, giving non-glasses wearers an incentive to keep them on.
  • It can stay charged for more than five hours which is long enough for several calls.
  • It has different sizes and style variations to choose from.

Its Cons :

  • Its volume cannot be changed unless you do it through a computer or mobile device.

The Razer Anzu smart glasses are an excellent choice for the work-from-home generation, as they include open-ear audio, excellent microphones, and fatigue-reducing blue light filter lenses.