Is macbook good for engineering?

6 reasons why macbooks are great option for engineering students, and I would not recommend you to buy a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro if you want to do gaming like heavy gaming then you should only go for windows laptop or windows computer because 

you will not enjoy gaming in macbook as there are not many games available and gaming experience is not very good on MacBook because of lower graphics on mac and the 

second thing is that you should not buy a MacBook Air if you want to do heavy editing and heavy programming work then you should go for MacBook Pro which 

is good option for if you are a professional person, and make sure that whatever the software that you want to use on your device is present on Mac operating system because 

There are not many applications and softwares which are compatible with Mac as compared to Windows so now let’s take a look at some reasons why I believe macbooks are great options for engineering students especially MacBook Air.

5 reasons why MacBook Air is best for engineering students

It has great battery life

One of the most important aspects of a computer or laptop for engineering students is battery life because having a reliable battery life in a laptop is very important for students who can carry their device to the college in order to complete

 assignment and also to practice coding in the college campus and this is macbooks are huge thing because you can easily expect 10 to 15 hours of battery life for MacBook Air M1 even if you are doing heavy task like programming or video editing

 you can get the battery life for the whole day if you charge it to at least 90% when you are using it in the morning and this is a big advantage for students because they don’t need to carry the charging port and they can use it whenever and whenever they want in college

It’s simply has amazing performance

Another most important advantage of having a MacBook especially the latest Mac with M1 chip is that it has amazing performance due to the arm based 

architecture of the MacBook because the latest macbook with M1 chips have much more faster performance as compared to the intel based macbook you will have much more performance with the MacBook on the latest chip because of the amazing

 operating system and amazing integration of software and hardware so it is just brilliant option for you to use macbook for engineering purpose and for educational purpose

It is long lasting

Another major advantage of having a MacBook for engineering students is that you can get the macbook to last for more than 7 or 8 years because if you purchase 

the MacBook in the first or second year of the engineering course for example if you purchase it in the first year then you can easily use the macbook for at least 8 years to come because first of all Apple provides at least 7 years of the software updates 

to all of its devices so in terms of the software and security updates you are sorted out and the best thing about the macbooks is that they have strong build

 quality because they are made of aluminum not of any cheap plastic so you don’t have to worry about the hardware as well and after the introduction of the m1 chips, 

the performance has also been increased huge and significantly so you don’t have to worry about the performance issues as well because it is much more head as compared to any Intel based macbook or any windows laptop in terms of the performance per watt of laptop 

Apple ecosystem

As an engineering student you will have limited amount of time in your life as a student so if you have an iPhone or iPad then having a MacBook is a great option because you can use your devices of Apple seamlessly using your Apple ID for example 

if you want to share any file related to your engineering course from your phone to your macbook so that you can view the file in the macbook much better than you can use a airdrop feature which will save you a lot of time as compared to 

sharing the file with an wire in windows computer and also it is just an amazing experience of Apple ecosystem, you can check out all the amazing 

things that you can do in Apple ecosystem by clicking here, but apart from sharing files you can also receive and call to people just from your macbook if you link your macbook with your iPhone using Apple ID and there are so many amazing things you can do with apple ecosystem.

You will face less bugs 

Another huge advantage is that you will face less bugs and issues with your macbook as compared to any windows laptop because they will not be a lot of performance issues and even though they will be slight heating issues but the

 operating system and the software and hardware is so optimized together so will that you will face less number of issues and performance lag as compared to a windows machine in the long term because of its amazing software and hardware integration.

It has amazing display and components

Another huge advantage is that macbooks have much more high quality retina displays which have bright colors and it is just overall a good experience for students to do programming or watch movies and other purposes,

 and macbooks also have amazing keyboards and trackpad of macbook in my opinion is best trackpad you can find in any laptop, all the components of macbook are simply great.

So these some of the major reasons why

 I believe macbooks are great option for engineering students and computer science students so if budget is not a big issue for you and if you are willing to spend 80000 which is quite expensive for the laptop then you should definitely try using the macbook air m1 because it has so many benefits which are mentioned earlier

 starting from long lasting to amazing performance and also very lightweight and is it use, most importantly you can easily carry the macbook because of its lightweight and portable you can easily carry the macbook in your bag and it is also going to look good because of it amazing sleek design, so if budget is not an issue to you then 

I would highly recommend you to switch to macbook for engineering students as compared to going to windows laptop, and since you are a student you can get $100 discount by signing up with your education email ID and buying the macbook 

with apple for education discount and you can also consider purchasing the macbook referbuished option on Amazon for cheaper price if you still want to buy MacBook but or on a tight budget.

So these are some reasons why I believe macbook is the best option for engineering students.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about using 

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