Best Mac for video editing purpose for 2024

In this article let’s try to analyse and figure out what are the best macbook that you can purchase for video editing purpose so let as get started.

Best Mac for video editing purpose

Before you understand what is the best macbook that you can purchase for video editing purpose it is very important to understand what are the things that you should look for when you are looking for best macs for video editing.

There are few things you have to keep in mind when you are searching for best macbook for video editing purpose specifically such as the processor and the graphics power on top of that you also have to look at the storage space and also whether 

the device can edit 4K videos or not and also the RAM storage and much more important things coming to the factor to decide whether the macbook is worth it for 

video editing or not so let’s take a look at some important components of what makes a MacBook best overall for video editing.


As a video editor the most important part of any device is obviously the screen of the laptop or MacBook and when it comes to Apple devices whether macbooks or Apple studio display you will obviously have high quality display and have accurate 

colouring which will help you a lot when you are editing videos on macbooks or I Mac because you not only get large display but also have high quality resolution

 like 4K display and if you want to macbook then you will have 14 inch or 16 inch models and the latest 15inch model is also very good option so over all the display quality and resolution and also the screen size matters a lot when you are editing videos.

Apart from that RAM is also the most important part for video editing purpose when you are editing videos you will be doing a lot of multitasking which involves using a lot of tools like software simultaneously like graphic design tools and 

sound editing tools so having adequate Ram will help you easily switch between different applications smoothly and you can also have high resolution videos edited and process properly and good amount of Ram will also help you in editing and 

rendering the videos and effects of the video, so it is highly recommended that you get the most amount of Ram when you are purchasing the macbook in the first place obviously you will have to spend more money

 like additional 200 dollars to increase your Ram from 8GB to 16GB but there is no other alternative to it because you can easily expand the storage by purchasing an external SSD where you can store all of your video files but there is no option 

to increase your Ram other than just increasing it when you are purchasing it in the first place but in most of the cases I would highly recommend you to choose with a 16GB Ram option and this amount of RAM is more than sufficient for most of the video 

editing task because the RAM that you get in macbook of latest models of Mac is unified memory Ram which means GPU CPU and storage are on a single ship so if there is a bottleneck of Ram then it will increase the RAM by using some of the story the space called as memory swapping which will benefit your work flow.

CPU and GPU are also important parts of a MacBook that you have to look for so the more number of core are present in a CPU is most likely going to result in better performance of the video editing task that you going to run on your computer

Battery life is also something you have to consider and the best part about the macbooks whether it is MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is that if you buy 

the latest macbooks like M1 series when you will get high and long hours of battery life which is really huge thing in my opinion for example the latest M3 macbook provides you up to 23 hours of battery life which is really big thing

And the last important factor to look at is the ports and expansion options that you can get so whenever you are working with video editing process

 then you will have to plug in with various peripherals so having good amount of sports will help you a lot when you are editing videos whether it is thunderbolt or USB ports.

So these are some important factors you have to consider when your purchasing a MacBook for video editing but now let’s take a look at what are some of the best macbook that you can purchase for video editing purpose.

16 inch M3 MacBook max 

Apple has recently released its new entry m3 MacBook lineup where it has introduced the latest 16 inch MacBook Pro Max which has the latest three-nanometer 

processor which is extremely powerful and it has 14 core CPU and 30 core GPU which is huge and it has 36 gigabytes of unified memory and one terabyte of SSD storage so

 as you can read by the numbers that it is a huge device for video editing purpose or any other purpose that you want whether it is graphic designing or machine learning and since we are talking about video editing you can handle the post-production

 of up to 8k video and beyond and this macbook and support for up to 4 external display which is really huge in so this is one of my best picks for macbooks for video editing purpose at the moment.

16 inch M3 MacBook pro 

This is another macbook that the Apple has recently launched with entry series and this M3 chip has more than 37 billion transistors which is really huge thing because it is based upon three nanometer processor so it gives a lot of room for 

more transistors and most likely more performance as well and with the 16 inch MacBook Pro you get dual core CPU and 18 core GPU and you get up to 36 gigabytes of unified memory and 512 GB storage which is really huge for editing purpose on top of that you have high quality display for editing purpose

16 inch m2 MacBook pro 

This is one year older model of MacBook that you can purchase for editing purpose and it is in my opinion third best macbook that you can purchase for editing purpose

You can get up to 10 core CPU and 16 core GPU and you can increase the core count by getting 12 core CPU and 19 core GPU and you can also go for M2 Max with higher core count of GPU so it is just overall amazing macbook that you can purchase for editing purpose because it has amazing chip.

So basically there are some important common points about all the macbooks that a mention in this article, macbooks are great for video purpose because especially the latest macbooks that have latest and one chip series or more have amazing battery backup 

and battery life and apart from that the generally got much more faster and improved their performance as compared to the Intel based MacBook and most importantly if you are editing on final cut Pro or Da Vinci result then it is going to give you much more better performance 

because of the optimisation on the platform with the software like final cut Pro which is highly optimised for the device so you get much more better performance and whenever you are thinking of purchasing MacBook Pro whether it is entry or M2 I would highly recommend you to choose a 16 inch macbook over 14 inch because of the display because when you are editing videos the most important part is the display and the bigger the display the better it is for you when you do editing, and obviously macbooks are meant to be lightweight and they are easy to carry and the also have high quality performance.

These are 3 macbooks that you can purchase right now for video editing purpose 

Do let me know what are your thoughts about using a MacBook for video editing purpose in the comments below and also share the article with your friends to let them know about the best macbook that you can purchase right now for editing purpose.