Are chromebooks worth it?

In this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a Chromebook to understand whether it is worth it or not for the money that you are paying to buy the device. So let’s get started. So let’s get started.

Pros of buying a chrome book:

It is very affordable

One of the main advantages of buying a Chromebook is that it is very less expensive or inexpensive to say as compared to many other traditional laptops which are present in the market right now so this is an excellent option for those people who are tight

on their budget but still want to purchase a laptop or device where they can do some basic stuff and learn programming or get some hands on experience on the internet.

As a matter of fact you can purchase a Chromebook for less than $300 which is much much less as compared to many other laptops.

The primary reason why chromebooks are so inexpensive or very affordable as compared to traditional laptops is because of the operating system will run on Google Chrome OS which is a lightweight operating system which is designed to be simple and efficient

and this is because all the software is run on cloud based services so there is not a lot of need of powerful hardware so this makes the device so lightweight and easy to use and also very affordable because of being cloud based service

and this is a best option for students who want to buy an affordable device which is not only efficient to but also looking good and also easy to carry so for people who are like casual users and don’t need huge hardware

Very easy to use

Another major advantage of purchasing a Chromebook is that it is very easy to use because they are actually designed to be user friendly with a simple interface that makes

users easy to use and run quickly and even if you are not a tech savvy person you can still get in love in with the device because it is designed simple in OS and it has less complicated structure.

It is very fast

Another major advantage of buying a Chromebook is that it is very fast in terms of this startup time which means that you don’t have to wait for long time for the device to wake up because of the amazing operating system which is present in the laptop.

And these devices are designed to run smoothly, and as a mentioned earlier that the device is using the cloud based as compared to the heavy hardware so this make it run fast

Long battery life

Another major advantage of buying a Chromebook is that it has a huge battery life for example you may not find a lot of battery life for laptops in windows unless you are not spending huge amount of money on the hardware which is like 500 600 dollars but

you can easily get an average running time of seven hours with a Chromebook which is really amazing depending up on the model and functions of the book.

There are so many options

Another advantage with Chromebook is that there are so many options that you can choose and select from because the Chromebook was launched more than decade ago so there are so many versions have been released for different purpose and work usage and also depending up on your budget you can select a Chromebook which is better for you

It uses cloud computing and cloud storage

One of the most important aspects of a Chromebook is that it uses cloud for its functionality which will act as a whose unique selling proposition of the computer or laptop and this will eliminate all the expensive hardware components which are needed

to make the device run fast and efficiently so this means that all the data and files and documents that you want will be stored in the cloud which is an external device which

is not present in your device so it does not require a lot of Ram and storage and space but all you need is good internet connection to access the information from any device so this is especially very useful and beneficial for those who are very frequently

travelling to different places because first of all the device is very light weight and you can easily access the data from any part of the world without having huge hardware and external hard disc and the cloud based computing help in making the device run

fast as a mentioned so you will get much better performance as compared to having the traditional laptop which has all the hardware inside it they will not need traditional device because of this technology

Google play store 

Another major advantage of having a Chromebook is that you can get access to Google play store which will allow you to download the variety of Android applications on your laptop so that you can start using different apps like Instagram Snapchat Microsoft

office and many more and you can also play games that you can play on Android phones on your Chromebook easily without needing to switch to another device so this is a big advantage

Automatic software updates

Another huge advantage with Chromebook is that all the new versions of the software are downloaded and install automatically without the interference of the user in the background itself so you can just focus on your work and all the software

 updates will be taken care of itself and the Chromebook is not affected by the viruses of the windows because it is running on Chrome operating system which is much better and more secure as compared to windows

And all the anti-virus software is installed by default on the device so you don’t need to worry about it to make your device protected and there are less maintenance costs present in chromebook

Google apps 

The Chromebook uses Google apps for education which is a suite of online applications which includes Gmail calendar photos classroom and many other applications so this allows users to create and share content between students and teachers and

 also parents and you can also use web based applications like word Excel PowerPoint and Google docs and you can also use Google suite which is the alternative to Microsoft 365 for Chromebook which is also very affordable starting from 6 dollars a month.

Now let us take a look at all the disadvantages and drawbacks of using a Chromebook

Limited software

The most important disadvantage with a Chromebook is that it has limited software availability which is the big disadvantage because unlike traditional laptops

the Chromebook has something called as chrome operating system which is based on the Chrome browser so even though they are fast and easy to use but it has a 

huge downside that there are not many softwares and applications available for you to use for example many popular software applications like Adobe Photoshop are not available to use on Chrome operating system so if you are creative professional 

or someone who loves using this software like Microsoft office then you will not be able to use them on the Chromebook because they are not designed for that opening system and there are many other websites and web based applications and the functionality.

It is because if there is any software which cannot be used on a web based application like final cut Pro or illustrator or Adobe premiere Pro or any multimedia software

which can only be used by downloading the application then it is very difficult for you to use it because 

it is not optimized on Chrome operating system which is present in Chromebook but if it is available in web based application then you can use it on the Chromebook without issue 

It is highly Reliant on internet connection

As i mention earlier the most important aspect of a Chromebook is that it is used and design on cloud based architecture which means users must have internet connection in order to access 

their applications and files and all the files are stored in the cloud so there is not a lot of hardware in the device which makes it lightweight and it is easy to 

use and carry but if you don’t have a good internet connection then you may not be able to use or access the files and documents which are present in the cloud, so if you are in a place where there is unreliable internet connection then it can be very difficult for you to use the computer.

It is not very optimize for gaming 

I personally do not recommend people using the Chromebook for gaming because it is not optimized for it as compared to other traditional 

laptops because they have limited graphics processing power so you will struggle to play high 

demanding games which require a lot of resources so there are a limited number of games that you can play on Chromebook because there are not many games operating in the Chrome operating system.

These are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using Chromebook.

Are chromebooks worth it?

So in my opinion chromebooks are great and very valuable devices, they are great because they are very simple and easy to use and their also very affordable and you don’t need to spend huge amount of money in order to purchase a computer 

because of their amazing operating system and if you just have good and strong internet connection then you can purchase a Chromebook because you spending most of your time browsing the web and using web based applications 

so if you are a student then chromebooks are excellent choice as long as you are having a good and reliable internet connection because they are very affordable and easy 

to carry lightweight, which is an important features for students for going to carry the Chromebook with their in the college for completing the assignment and accessing online

 resources and also for programming purposes and it is a great option to use the device for anything small games and who don’t need a lot of performance.

I do not recommend Chromebook for creative professionals because there are not many software that you can download and use and apart from that that

The processing power of the Chromebook is also not very good because if you are a video editor then you might need a lot of power and storage and it is just not recommended to use the Chromebook for creative professionals.

So these are my thoughts about Chromebook, do let me know what are your thoughts about Chromebook as they are a popular choice for people 

who are looking for portable laptops because of these amazing advantages like affordability and its use.

And also consider sharing the article with your friends to let them know about the advantages and disadvantages of using a Chromebook.