6 reasons why airpods 2 are still worth it

in this article lets take a look at 6 main reasons to buy apple airpods 2 and why it is worth it so lets get started.

  1. You can get them at great price

One of the main reason is that even though it was originally released in 2019 for the price of $200 but now you can get the same airports for less than hundred dollars on Amazon and many other eCommerce platform and you can also buy the same product on Apple

from 130000 so there is a huge discount end of course you can get a lot of discount from second hand market and also buy refurbished options on Amazon for cheaper price

  1. It is very comfortable

Another reason for such a huge popularity of the airports is that many people find the airports to be very comfortable in their years because of its amazing design and even though it does not have any completely made of plastic but still it has amazing design

and structure that is just very comfortable to wear and listen to songs and audio for long amount of time without any shoes and pain in the year as compared to other audio devices and headphones.

  1. It has decent battery life

The battery life of abi devices is something which does not need a special interaction because they are always great whether it is macbook or iPhone and also with airports you will have some long hours of battery life also with airports for example you

can listen to music for 5 hours straight and talk to people for 3 hours straight with the single charge which is really huge thing and you can easily charge your airports in the chargers case for more than 24 hours so this is also something which is a big advantage for many people

And the most amazing thing is that you can easily charge your airports from 0 to 100% in less than 30 minutes so quick charging is also a big advantage

  1. It also has good build quality and design 

Even do the airports are designed using plastic but the Steel of high quality because of their amazing design and they are also going to look premium and of very attractive, and the best thing was that despite Apple not giving any ip rating for the

airpods generation to but there are several users who have tested their airforce personally and give their experiences on credit and YouTube and also many social media platform that their airports are still working fine after submerging them into water and dust so this also shows that the build quality is so amazing and it is just and amazing device to purchase

6. Sound quality and h1 chip

Sound quality of the airports is also excellent and you will have no issues with it is because of the lack of seal which makes the song feel awesome and also because of the expensive which is present in the airports so because of that the connectivity is also very quick and it is also easy for you to switch between different devices and it also has so many features for improving the connectivity between the devices.

These are some of the main reasons why you should buy apple airpods 2 and why it is worth it for your investment and money, do let me know what are your thoughts of airpods 2 in the comments below and also share the article with your friends.